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Our customers

Our customers

All our customers need the same thing. A food service company that understands what it means to run a customer facing food business, a range that will entice new customers and build a loyal returning customer base and above all a flexibility that covers everything from handy van sales through to bespoke product creation just for them.


Our service and product range is perfect for small independently run cafes, sandwich shops and in store concessions. With one of the largest range of sandwich fillings in food service, our bespoke cake making facilities and a huge range of hand crafted pies and baked goods, we have everything you need for a handpicked, home created offer that your customers will love.


Workplace dining is a careful mix of hot plated meals, chilled self-service and grab and go food that adds variety and takes the pressure off the back of house team. We have something for both of these offerings. Our fresh bakery and pies have a handmade look and feel and fantastic shelf life that will add kudos to any catering operation. Our imaginative, on trend grab and go snacking, amazing range of charcuterie, cheeses and dairy will help create a lively and varied eating environment.


Our range and experience means you can cater for both staff, visitors and patients, with an all-day on-the-go food offering. And, products for those who demand great food regardless of any specialist dietary requirements. This is all backed up with the peace of mind of working with a foodservice company with a broad distribution capability that meets rigorous industry food safety standards. To see how we helped East Kent Hospitals with their inpatient and staff feeding click here.


We've some great products that can help you with dining in education. From school compliant drinks and healthy snacks to food that adheres to the Food for Life initiative. If you need something for higher education we've everything you need for an engaging student canteen and cafe, including a huge range of sandwich fillings, grab and go snacking, and food concepts that will energise your food hall.


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